the advanced coolant for all classic cars

4-LIFE is the long-lasting and time proven advanced coolant for road and track, used by classic car enthusiasts world-wide. Formulated using the latest additive technology to provide the highest level of protection for all classic and classic performance vehicles.

why use forlife for your classic car radiator

10 Year Ultimate Protection

Cooler Engine Running Temperature

Advanced Corrosion Protection

Anti freeze

Ph Colour indicator to detect presence of Combustion gasses

forlife’s unique formulation

For your classic vehicle, whether in use or in storage, Forlife provides all of the following remarkable benefits:

Advanced Coolant

  • Cooler engine running under pressure in congested traffic
  • Boiling point to a maximum of +180C
  • No coolant loss through evaporation
  • Exceptional heat transfer capability
  • Low density/viscosity for rapid circulation
  • Anti-foam agent prevents engine hot-spots

Corrosion Protection

  • Protects cast iron, brass and aluminium engine components PH balanced, no acidic impurities or lime scale
  • Long term protection for cars in use or in storage
  • Eliminates rust, lime scale and acidity
  • Use undiluted unlike water/anti-freeze mixture


  • 10 years or frost protection to -42C
  • Removes need for annual coolant change
  • Preserves rubber cooling hoses for longer service Eliminates lime scale and acidity

PH Color indicator

  • Contains a PH colour indicator, “Liquid Litmus” colour change from Red to Yellow in the event of head gasket failure of combustion seal
  • Reusable after rectification 4Life reverts to Red

forlife’s technical specifications

Forlife advanced coolant is a uniquely formulated *aqueous (*contains water) solution comprising mono-ethylene glycol, sodium benzoate, borax, sodium nitrite, to provide exceptionally high heat transfer from engine to coolant and lower engine running temperature. Suitable for all traditional ethylene glycol / IAT coolant systems.

Forlife contains anti-foam agent to prevent engine hot-spots.

Forlife’s high boiling point to a maximum of +180C provides an extra safety margin in the event of cooling system component failure.

Forlife corrosion inhibitors provide protection to iron, brass, copper and aluminium components.

Forlife service life remains effective for at least 10 years.

Forlifes’ low viscosity enables fast circulation throughout the engine cooling system via the vehicles’ standard water pump, thereby quickly transferring engine heat to the coolant.

Forlife noticeably reduces engine running temperature in all conditions.

Forlife freezing point at minus-42C.

Forlife is Non-flammable and does not ignite.

Forlife RED in colour and contains PH colour indicator. PH solution 7.0 – 8.7 “Liquid Litmus”. Colour changes to Yellow in the event of head gasket failure. After rectification reuse coolant and top up until it reverts to Red colour.


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